Case Study - FitPursuit

Creating a One-of-a-Kind Fitness Experience

Using social technology to help users stay motivated to build healthy fitness habits

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My Role

UX research,
UX strategy,
UX architecture,
Interaction design,
Rapid prototyping,
Usability testing,
Visual design


Identify a product opportunity that capitalizes on the growing emphasis on personal health and wellness by targeting users that do not prioritize their health but wish to start.


A fitness focused mobile app that leverages strong user insights to connect users together to motivate and keep one another accountable through shared experiences and an enthusiasm for new friendships


Less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day, and only one in three adults receive the recommended amount of physical activity each week. The reasons to stay fit are abundant and persuasive, yet the urgency is missing. Many excuses are offered, but practically all excuses have been exposed as inconsequential. We set out on a mission to determine how we can affect an individual’s sense of urgency and commitment to stay healthy, and we created a digital product to help our physically inactive target users build healthy habits.

We set out to learn why more people do not take their health and fitness more seriously.


Our research plan not only isolated physically inactive individuals but also leveraged the qualitative feedback of individuals that have the healthiest lifestyles in order to draw distinctions between each type of person.

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Qualitative user interviews, 8 sessions, 60-80 minutes each

By interviewing both fitness wannabes and fitness buffs, we could observe distinctions between each type of person to better understand what makes them different.

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We asked users to describe their feelings and behaviors around their own fitness routines and preferences.

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Thematic grouping of insights gathered during user interviews

From representative insights gathered during research synthesis, our user persona tool was modelled to help identify and build empathy for our target user.

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Persona document: a research deliverable used for building empathy and defending design decisions

Definition & Strategy

A common theme uncovered during research synthesis was that of personal motivation and the role it plays in the formation of healthy habits. We isolated the issue of motivation to define further how we could affect it.

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Research synthesis yielded important distinctions between two types of individuals.

We modelled our user's behavior into stories mapped into a "journey" to observe the contexts in which she gains and loses fitness motivation.

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User journey document for contextualizing user behavior

We recognized a large opportunity to leverage moments of piqued motivation as we began to think about the problem that we would solve for our user.

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Concept Development

Moving into concept development, we explored two solutions, each with a distinct approach to addressing the same problem, opting to test paper prototypes of those solutions to gauge user preferences quickly.

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Concept 1 - This concept asks the user to recruit accountability partners that will help motivate and keep the user accountable while they work toward healthy habits.

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Concept 2 - This concept offers a network of like-minded people that all want the company and added motivation that a workout buddy provides.

Using our paper prototypes, we conducted a round of desirability testing to gauge interest. We received mixed feedback.

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An interesting choice presented itself as we chose a direction

We chose to move forward with a concept that was more desirable, exploring ways to increase efficacy in later rounds.

Visual Design

We pushed our visual design direction far into the fitness category to further promote it as a fitness product, not just a social product. A dark palette helped suggest a more serious and dedicated fitness purpose with extra bright highlight colors to give contrast and energy.

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Exploratory visual mockups

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Final style tile to guide the building of future screen and assets

Final Design

Meet our final solution: FitPursuit, a social fitness network that offers a community of other users with similar goals. Connect with each other and help keep each other motivated and accountable by always having a fitness buddy available.

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Experience FitPursuit for yourself

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Full high-res screen build-out in Sketch